Address from Israel Ambassador to Canada

Dear Friends,

During the past fifty years, Canada and Israel have shared a warm friendship. This unwavering relationship is a natural outgrowth of the many values and traditions shared by Canadians and Israelis. Both countries are governed by liberal democratic parliamentary systems, and Israelis and Canadians cherish democracy, justice, human rights, and humanistic values.

In recent years, Canada-Israel relations have become closer through the implementation of the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement (CIFTA).
Since its implementation on January 1, 1997, direct Canadian investments in Israel have risen, as have exports and imports of a wide variety of products and technologies. Partnering and collaboration between Canadian and Israeli companies has become increasingly robust, particularly in the areas of technological research, development, and production.

While the CIFTA is a key element in facilitating trade, the Israel-Canada Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of the key players in promoting bilateral trade and investment between Canada and Israel. Over the years, the work of the Chamber has greatly improved awareness of opportunities and contacts in both countries. Through its ongoing work the Chamber has demonstrated that it is an indispensable player in the growing trade between Canada and Israel.

In light of the current problems between Israel and the Palestinians, the role of the Israel-Canada Chamber of Commerce and Industry takes on even greater importance in conveying to Canadians that Israel is open for business and remains a profitable market to do business.

I congratulate the Israel-Canada Chamber of Commerce and Industry on a job well done.


Haim Divon
Ambassador of Israel